Tweaking Content For SEO Perfection: Without Reason

Recently I did a paid consult with a person who runs a number of websites who wanted to increase his AdSense earnings. He wanted to know the secret of tweaking in page copy for SEO perfection.

As he kept tweaking his page copy he kept raising the keyword density and unknowingly pulling out some of the modifiers and other semantically related terms.

Since his site did not have an amazing authority score he was not ranking for the most common terms. Most his traffic was coming in from longer queries. As he tweaked in the page copy his pages became less linkable / linkworthy, and he removed many of the terms that were responsible for the 3 and 4 word queries that were bringing visitors to his website. His traffic kept dropping so he kept tweaking. Traffic kept dropping, keep tweaking, repeat cycle...

Some SEO firms like to charge recurring fees for on the page optimization, but they only like to sell that because there is no additional work.

Thinking of it another way, would you want a person outside your organization who knows little about your business model and customers tweaking your sales copy and articles every month? I wouldn't.

Tweaking page content just wastes time that could be spent creating new content.

When people say keep content fresh they mean:

  • keep adding content

  • keep adding reasons for someone to want to link your way
  • keep adding pages that cover slightly different ideas and termspaces you have not yet covered with your content

This SEW thread also covers the topic of needlessly tweaking page content for SEO.

Published: October 1, 2005 by Aaron Wall in seo tips


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