Using Contextually Relevant Images to Sharply Increase Google AdSense Earnings

A person going by the forum name of Critters offers tips to increase AdSense clickthrough rate. They show before and after layouts for what they have done.

The biggest change they did was show related images near their AdSense ads, stating that the ads helped grab the attention of more website visitors. In spite of moving the ads below the fold they increased the advertisement CTR by 300%.

To keep the images fresh some people randomize related images on their site. Here is a random image randomizer article and PHP code to randomize images & another image randomizer code.

While crazy images may get you more clicks, as stated by Newquestions:

That whole "Paris Hilton" - "look at my clothed dog" type concept. From my experience, people are prepared to click advertisements that are supported by whacky images. The more crazy, the better IMHO.

What about men in drag? Perhaps distasteful, but some women love this
sort of stuff, and perhaps they will click your advertisements to see more.

Critters states that the ads have to be related for it to work longterm:

Putting images next to ads that are NOT relevant to your sites content will only produce short term gains. Smart pricing will kick in and reduce the value of the ads.

Only place images next to ads that you know are matching what the visitor is on your site for (ads for cameras on a camera review site) and that the images match the ads (photos of cameras next to camera ads)

I believe some people have also been using search APIs or scraping some of the engines to grab relevant images, although that might have a few copyright issues associated with it.

As a bonus from that thread, if you hate that damn frog this is the site for you.

found from Abakus

Published: July 18, 2005 by Aaron Wall in contextual advertising


May 18, 2006 - 11:26pm

I agree, I implemented this on a few of my blogs today and I'm noticing about a 200-300% increase by the hour. It's amazing how humans react to images.

July 19, 2005 - 6:02pm

That's a great article, and on a similar Crazy Frog theme - I took what I learned from Critter and implemented it in my new (and unfinished site) which was directly inspired by the Crazy Frog Game on Critter's site.

I just hope the CTR rate is as impresive as his. Despite the hatred the little fellow creates...

July 20, 2005 - 7:02pm


Someone just pointed out to me that the Draw a Pig Site shown by Critters in the Digitalpoint thread is no longer showing AdSense ads; although in looking at his source I don't see any AdSense code at the moment.

However - the fellow who originally posted the technique here -
posted in his Domains blog on July 8 that his AdSense account has been disabled. He doesn't mention the image technique in his list of possible reasons but I have to wonder whether it was a factor despite several people saying they've had AdSense review what they were doing and were found to be in compliance.

July 20, 2005 - 7:08pm

The frog site isn't showing Ads either ... and he *does* have AdSense code in his source.

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