WebmasterWorld Competitive Intelligence

Jun 21st

Brief review of Webmasterworld Competitive Analysis panel. Bill Tancer:
from HitWise

Went through traffic interception and search seasonality information using HitWise.

HitWise starts at about $20,000 a year. Keyword Intelligence is a cool tool they are coming out with that is cheaper.

Joseph Morlin:
SEO trivia nugget: he was a private investigator for 12 years

write scripts to discount affiliate links if their affiliate codes URLs are ranking where your site would be


new webmasters use real WhoIs information
intermediate uses an anonymizer
advanced fake some of their WhoIs

mentions CompleteWhois.com

goes through social engineering...

  • pose as someone fake (like internet fraud prevention / survey / panel)

  • ask a confusing question or a question that does not matter (do you do online transactions for over $100,000)
  • ask the real questions (do you have any other sites)

track and log weird referals that might be competitors

  • link: visitors

  • visitors from WhoIs source
  • people searching for allinanchor:
  • people from sites on known open proxies
  • etc

screwing with competitors

  • serve them a 403

  • serve them their own site
  • serve them porn or annoying midi's

It is worth learning programming, and anything that is publicly available may not be worth using for one reason or another.

also someone mentioned BlogPulse

Published: June 21, 2005

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