Unconventional Link Building / SEO Techniques

I posted stuff like this before, but did not give away all my insider secrets. What would you do for a link? ;)

  • Create a quizes or contest

  • Get the top score in a quiz doah, I should have cheated - talk about black hat link building ;)
  • Win the Cooney Island hot dog eating contest.
  • See how much weight you can gain in a month.
  • Tell someone they are out to lunch. Has got me a few links.
  • Say something out to lunch or offensive.
  • Buy someone lunch. Give them something to talk about. Any Penn State proffesors want a free lunch? email me. If your university position is high enough and your university has a great link reputation I am also will to fly.
  • Go to college to become a system administrator and web designer for a school. A friend of mine as a freshman was both last year. I am thinking this friendship may soon grow leaps and bounds.
  • Get a crap job you do not care about. Write a humorous blog about it until you get fired for it.
  • Have your child send $8.43 cash to the government to help pay down the federal debt. Make sure you are available for press comments and get links in your coverage.
  • Move to Texas. They have big links there.
  • Always carry a big flag around with you. Even in the shower.
  • Help your local congressman get reelected. Get links from their site.
  • Join the local government.
  • Draft government bills with Orwellian terms, calling them exact opposite of what they do.
  • Point out said flaws in Government bills.
  • Join the military and work the .mil link angle.
  • Buy your way into the government for .gov links. If you can not afford this move to a poorer country where you can afford to buy your way in.
  • Get on the terrorist list by being a peaceful Muslim.
  • Work on a plan to overthrow your government.
  • Join or start a religious cult.
  • Go to a conference - I go to learn too - but there is lots of link popularity floating around at conferences. I have got a free PR9 link from a conference I went to.
  • Wear crazy clothes to a conference.
  • Eat lots of food at the conferences. Refuse to bathe, use deoderant, or change clothes while at the conference. Tell everyone how you have had a lucky streak and did not want to change anything.
  • Go to Vegas. Climb to the top of a casino and repeatedly yell jackpot while jumping up and down.
  • Get on Donald Trumps TV show. Compete with him in a money losing contest. Take lots of pictures of yourself.
  • Create a competing show and / or tell Donald what you think of him.
  • buy a sports team. be its biggest rabid fan.
  • Become a pro wrestler. you can do it young.
  • Go streaking at a sporting event.
  • Get caught on tape doing something illegal yet humorous.
  • Get on a radio show. A friend of mine who used to sell adult sex toys (he sold his site, but it still ranks #1 for his primary keyword phrases) would go on the radio to get them to link to him. The shaddier your marketplace is the more value legitimate links.
  • Donate or help someone with their site.
  • Fix someone's car tire on the side of the road.
  • Accidentally wreck into the car of a famous person, obscenely exclaim it was their fault, and then sue them.
  • Get ran over by a rich person. etc.
  • Become a semi stalker. Sue the celebrity for stalking you.
  • Admit yourself to a psych ward or rehab where you know a link rich person is currently at.
  • Tell others that they should start a site, knowing they will link to you.
  • Create free tools or software with powered by or designed by links in them.
  • Intentionally do something to get sued by a large overbearing company.
  • Date or marry an annoying overhyped celebrity or marry into a link rich family.
  • Talk about your brother's court case. Create a phpbb skin for a site pleeding his innocence. <-- cheap marketing. more people should do that.
  • Routinely have cosmetic surgery done that deforms your face.
  • Talk about Google showing nude pictures of LaToya Jackson when safesearch is on. What is that? That is not safe.
  • Talk about how Google is ruining the world.
  • Place controvercial 5 cent AdWords ads for hot issues.
  • Talk Google's stock down at $85 and less than a year later talk it up at $260. Give people the hype they want. Avoid honest investment advice.
  • Fraudulently invest others money on a massive scale. Serve 6 months and get a lifetime of free linkage.
  • Start a .com company with an ignorant business model. See if you can lose money fast enough to build serious linkage data.
  • Join the Global Neuroscience Initiative Foundation board of advisors. I still need to help them some with on the SEO front a bit, and get a link on that page. If nothing else this is a personal reminder. I think the brain is really cool and would love to learn a lot more about it. I think that is a kick ass project. :)
  • Become a verb. The domain (http://www.verb.com/) is a ppc directory site
  • Assume a fake identity. Sneak into the pressidential press room and ask bogus questions. Make it easy to find out that you work with gay porn sites. It has been done.
  • Stay awake and stare at your computer long enough to make random lists until you actually post one.
Published: May 26, 2005 by Aaron Wall in seo tips


August 24, 2006 - 6:58pm

"Get a crap job you do not care about. Write a humorous blog about it until you get fired for it."

Sounds like 'The Office' I think NBC stole your idea!

May 26, 2005 - 11:27pm

Solid humor there Mr Wall. Your funny link building tips make me want to link to you.

May 27, 2005 - 1:13am

You never cease to amaze me, Aaron! Global Neuroscience Initiative Foundation board of advisors? Awesome. :)

May 27, 2005 - 7:48am

Great entry :-)

May 4, 2006 - 10:20am

the new drug application for Exforge

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