Yahoo! My Web Beta

Quickly on the heals of Google's personalized offering, Yahoo! offers a search storing system.

My Web allows you to import your bookmarks, unless...

My Web currently does not support bookmark import from this browser.

We currently Support Internet Explorer Favorites and Yahoo! Bookmarks.

We are looking into extending support for additional browsers soon.

Some of the interesting things from this new offering:

  • Save an exact copy of any page you like - from Yahoo! Toolbar or directly from your search results

  • Searching across full-text and your notes enables instant retrieval
  • Create categories for your saved pages - travel, projects, events
  • Share your favorites with friends and colleagues - via email, IM, and RSS
  • Accessible anywhere, not just from your own computer
  • Save both an exact copy and a link - the content you save will always be there when you return

Not sure how appealing it is to webmasters for Yahoo! to be storing dated cached copies of web pages. What happens if your content was incorrect and you later change it? What happens if your advertisers change? Google autolink really shafted webmasters, and it appears other search engines will only follow suit.

It looks like they are also using this launch to promote their toolbar (which for some reason beyond me still lacks a connectivity measurement). The toolbar will make it quick and easy to save pages.

The social / sharing concept is rather interesting, and is an area where Yahoo! seems to be well ahead of Google. I also believe that Yahoo! only store things you request to be stored, while Google stores whatever you click on when logged in. Google later lets you remove things if you want to. Unlike Google, Yahoo! also stores a cached copy of each page that you chose to save.

I have not tested this out yet, but I will start playing here soon :)

I am fairly certain these bookmarking and sharing system are going to open up many new creative ways to spam.

Published: April 27, 2005 by Aaron Wall in yahoo


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