Incorporating Third Party Triangular Link Email Spam as Effective SEO?

Hello I am a Bot, Please Link to Me:
So I just got spam email offering a trinagular link relationship. They didn't mention my name. They do not know who I am. Hell, they might even be a script. Not a big deal really.

An Even Trade?
Unlike most reciprocal link spam requests I get, this wanted me to link to a site which regularly lists on the first page of Google for terms such as "SEO."

In exchange they wanted to give me a link on this crap site:
doesn't this directory look appealing? You are only as good as Your Partners:
Some firms like to play stupid when they outsource things. They like to say "we didn't realize what they were doing" but after you have been providing SEO services for many years you should have your shit in one sock.

If you can't promote your own SEO site without sending spam email then what does that say about the quality of service you provide to your clients?

Even if it is a lack of research that caused the problem it is still your fault for partnering up with people who provide shoddy services.

A friend of mine wrote popular software. A person who he hired to do link building spammed people. I being a friend of this person told him about the spam I got and he fired them. Weeks later they were still sending spam at least a few times each week. Firing a shoddy partner does not necissarily mean they will stop!

Email Spam Builds Brand, or Maybe Not!
In a service based industry such as SEO why would any well established company use automated scripts or outsourced email spam to promote their main site? In a social network that is a rather stupid way to build relationships.

If an SEO firm is that successful at ranking and is that sloppy promoting their own site imagine how they must destroy their customers brands.

At least 3-5 times a week I get asked who I would recommend for SEO services. I certainly will not be recommending these people anytime soon.

Building Social Value:
I do not think link exchanges or triangular linking schemes are bad, but I think that they are not usually cost effect on a unit time basis. Most link trade offers are a waste of time.

Emails like this one are the exact reason I emphasize that most people new to SEO should look at some of the community aspects of their topic and try to build social relationships to augment their SEO efforts.

I still like the idea of picking at the edges and am a big fan of manipulating the machines sense of authority, but if you are trying to build a business and a strong brand why not try to build it authentically at the same time too?

At some point after you have built enough brand value it probably makes a bit of sense to be a bit more conservative with the promotional techniques as well. Using that measure, the email I just got sucked.

I realize that the web is somewhat anonymous and competitors could try to destroy each others brands. Hence I did not list the main website in this post.

[update: I emailed the person / bot who sent me the link request pointing them to this page and got the following reply:

I m not able to find my link .
Plz tell me where my link is placed .
Sorry for this.

hmm...guess you get what you pay for]

Published: April 2, 2005 by Aaron Wall in seo tips


April 2, 2005 - 9:39pm

Jim Boykin may have got the same email I did ;)

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