Pre Sell Pages - a Better Way to Rent Sitewide Links

Not a new concept to SEO or marketing here, but it is not talked about that often as compared to other linking techniques.

Instead of buying sitewide links it may be better to buy an advertising pages hosted on other sites. Link to that page from many pages on that same site (which in a sense is like pointing a sitewide link on that site at that advertising page). Link popularity flows more naturally within a domain than it does across domains.

Write the pre sell page using appropriate page title, header, and subheaders. From the pre sell page deep link to various locations on your site with descriptive anchor text.

If you make the pre sell page well and the site you are advertising on is strong enough it gives you another opportunity to rank well. In fact, if your market is exceptionally competitive the authority of the site you are advertising on may allow that page to rank even if your site is not strong enough to rank.

By placing pre sell pages you do not need to worry about getting dinged for having too many (or too high of a percentage) of sitewide links with similar anchor text.

Some people also link off to other authoritative sites on their pre sell pages to help cluster their site in with other related resources.

It is common in affiliate marketing for affiliates to host pages on their sites which warm up prospective clients prior to selling supplies on another site. If done correctly pre sell pages can have a positive effect on both conversion and SEO.

Published: March 10, 2005 by Aaron Wall in seo tips


September 18, 2006 - 5:56pm

presell pages are excellent for traffic/sales and seo. they are hard to find and expensive, but i definitely suggest them.

Aaron, any suggestions on how to find sites to purchase presell pages on?


March 10, 2005 - 5:57pm

I see my goog page for you ( is ranked somewhere in the top 100 serps.

Where did your page go though?

Did my linking to you in this way negatively effect your listing?

The links to my goog page have been backed off substantially, instead of the initial 500 I think it's 20 or something now, I'd just kind of forgotten it was there.

But I would have expected your goog page that I link to - to be higher in the serps (as it seemed it always was) than mine as mine is all about linking to yours???

Dominic Mapstone

Claude Bourgoin SEO
May 14, 2007 - 5:02pm

Wouldn’t it be also important that the pre-sell page be hosted on a domain hosting relevant content? Any smell of a purchased link(Page) will discredit it in Googles view and can be considered spam so who you buy from should be considered.

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