Join Aaron and I this Evening to Learn the Trends in Blogging for 2008

It's a bit of a short notice but I manage a meetup group for Bay Area bloggers and Aaron would like to invite his local fans to join us. Details can be found at The Bloggers Group

Let us know in advanced if you can make it. The event is full but I would like to make room for local SEO Book fans. The event is free and will be held at a local pizzeria.

I post interesting things about marketing, business and all that inspire me at my personal blog, Hey Gio. I practice sincere blogging, just like Aaron ;)

Published: January 8, 2008 by Giovanna in marketing


January 8, 2008 - 1:21pm

Why don't you travel to some forgotten Baltic state's country, like Lithuania .) we'd love to have you there ,)

January 8, 2008 - 6:27pm

Darn it, about 15 miles away, If I had known about this yesterday, could've gotten a baby-sitter for the kid. Hope yall have fun tonight, supposed to rain so bring an umbrella.

January 8, 2008 - 7:53pm

It looks like a great event! I hope someday that I have similar events here in my country... or at least I hope to have an American visa soon.

January 8, 2008 - 8:30pm

I would love to go... but it looks like this meeting is full on Meetup. Plus... the Marina??? common guys. :)

January 8, 2008 - 9:14pm

Hey you can come if you want Flipsideinvest. What's wrong with the Marina? :)

January 8, 2008 - 9:58pm

Marina = Fraternity + Sorority + Yuppies + Trust Fund Babies

or maybe I am just bitter because I could not find an apartment there that I could afford

looks to be another long day at the office, but hopefully I will be able to sneak out at some point

January 9, 2008 - 12:01am

OT, Aaron, do you have any 468x60 banner ads? If so, can you link to one pr post it?

January 9, 2008 - 2:39am

I think it's great that you guys work together and both post on here. Hope I can find me a wife like that some day.

January 9, 2008 - 4:30am

Like Jake, I was about 15 miles away but didn't know of the event. Even with the bad weather, I would've made the trip up to the city.

January 9, 2008 - 6:27pm

Thanks kindly Aaron.

January 9, 2008 - 7:43pm

It was nice to meet you both. I had fun at the event & met lots of new people.

And thanx for the pizza & beer!

Any thoughts on another?

Craig Mullins

January 9, 2008 - 10:54pm

Hi Craig
If we do another that would be up to Gio. But if we do another I would hate to be a central speaker again...figure everyone was having such a good time chatting and I shared about all my knowledge at this one. :)

January 9, 2008 - 8:33pm

Hey The Marina is way cool - my Missus and I had an apartment there for two years!

Now you don't expect Aaron and his lady wife to meet up with you guys on the 'loin now do you???

Aaron (or like minded people) if in Charlotte NC........


January 9, 2008 - 10:53pm

Hi David
I have a few friends who live out that way. Will let you know if we ever go out that way.

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