Interview of Google Software Engineer Matt Cutts

The man, the myth, the Mick Jagger of search, well I guess he doesn't really go by that name ;) but...

Matt Cutts was nice enough to answer a bunch of questions I asked him via email.

For the gray hat in the crowd, I asked Matt what fields SEOs should look at as search advances. He said:

If you're creative, I'd look at the marketing/buzz aspect of things. A person who is savvy about marketing will often have a good leg up on interactions with people. If you are a talented backend person, there's a ton of neat start-ups right now. 2-3 people in different places can collaborate on some nice stuff. If you're a button-pusher, I'd try to diversify that skillset. ;)

for tips on building a search engine & doing SEO read more of the Matt Cutts interview

EuroTrash Interviewed

Recently I got to interview Eurotrash. Fun, just don't ask him about bacon!

Thanks Jan :)

Interview of Jason Lexell

I have a bit of the flu, but I also have a marketing friend who is exceptional at selling ad space who somewhat recently let me interview him. He is not well known in the search space, but manages media sales and email marketing for a number of niche websites.

I am trying to get him to start a blog (we bloggers like to spread our disease) but for now his personal site is using an article manager, which is evil evil evil. Jason recently wrote a few short but high quality ebooks on improving email subject lines, creatives, and email marketing in general.

Check out the interview if you want to work on improving media sales.

Interview of Lots0

I recently interviewed another one of the great SEO oldtimers, who goes by the name of Lots0. Lots0 talks Google Sandbox, SEO Ethics, & a bit of SearchKing.

Thanks for the interview Lots0.

AussieWebmaster Interviewed

Frank Watson is a good friend of mine, and just about any decent pay per click search engine. He manages some rather complex pay per click accounts.

I interviewed him asking about pay per click tips and strategies. Read it here: seobook interviews Frank Watson

NickW of ThreadWatch Interviewed

Recently I interviewed NickW. I asked him mostly about community building and ThreadWatch. His replies were mostly about the importance of being authentic, timely, and being different. Surprisingly Nick moderately used curse words, although he did work some into the content. :)

Thanks for the interview Nick.

Jim Boykin, of We Build Pages, Interviewed

I wanted to interview Jim Boykin, from WeBuildPages a while ago, but some of my questions were evil and it took a while to get around to do the interview. I recently came up with a new list and asked Jim many SEO business related questions, in large part because he runs one of the few SEO companies that I feel comfortable refering leads to. At the recent WebmasterWorld conference I had not one, but two different people come up to me and thank me for refering them, which makes me feel great for recommending them.

In our interview Jim gives lots of good web design and link building tips, and he also confirmed the rumour that WeBuildPages will be entering the original content production market!

To me it seemed like that market was waiting for more competition, especially considering that some of the other networks that do it place competing ads on the same pages that webmasters pay to have create.

Read the full interview: Aaron Wall interviews Jim Boykin, founder of We Build Pages.

Jason Duke, of Strange Logic, Interviewed

Jason Duke is a true lover of all things search, and that came through in his recent interview.

I think the interview flowed pretty well from question to question and is sorta hard to take out of context, but a good sample might be something like:

Whether it be an Amazon feed or the entire Gutenberg project you can get volumous amounts at no charge and it is all duplicate content.

But if you have rights to the content or the content is free contractually for you to do with as you want then there are software tools ... the so called "Button Pushing".... that helps turn that dupe content into a unique position.

Read Jason Duke's thoughts on the future of search, how algorithms work, and how you can get the most out of SEO.

Friday Special: Peter D...Interviewed

I am a big fan of Search Engine Blog, and wanted to ask Peter a few questions about search, blogging, pants, and the web (ish). He knows the search world inside & out. He was one of the earliest search optimists who helped improved Infoseek search relevancy back in the 90s and has been consulting with clients globally since 2002 via his Go Fish consultancy.

He said sure to my interview request and here is the Peter D interview. I think I have changed some of my ideas of how I should do stuff from about every interview I have done, and this one is no exception.

Thanks again Peter.

Keyword Superfreak Dan Thies Interviewed

Dan Thies has been branded as THE keyword guru, and has a great background in business and marketing. I asked him for an interview and he said sure.

Doing SEO and selling SEO are two separate things, as explained by well by Dan:

SEO consultants, in particular the small firms, the one-person shops.... I've rarely seen a group of people with more talent going to waste, because they don't get marketing, they don't understand sales, they can't write proposals, they spend so much time chasing bad leads. If I had a dollar for every consultant who has asked for advice on how to get someone to spend $500 on SEO...

If $500 is an issue, you either have no credibility (because you haven't created it) or they just don't have any money. Most of the time, the budget is there, but the credibility isn't.

He then goes on to recommend resources and offers tips to help close sales and improve SEO business efficiency. Dan talks about keywords, proposals, and running an SEO business.

That is my fourth interview in the last month or so and all of them have been great. I feel somewhat silly for not doing more of them earlier. More to come...