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So a while ago I bugged NFFC for an interview. He kept saying no, but then I gave him $50,000, naming rights to my first kid, and another copy of SEO Book [he said it was so good he wanted another] and he said yes. Amazing how that works.

Lucky for you, you get the interview free...and IMHO it's killer good.

I would quote a section, but it would not do NFFC justice. Interview of NFFC, Sexy SEO God

Google Duplicate Content Filters & an Interview of Dave Naylor

Get seen First:
DaveN posts about how Google duplicate content filters have a tendancy to reward the first spotting of content.

Interesting stuff Dave. I should interview him, oh wait, I just did :)

I think the key takehomes from his interview are:

  • trust & friendship are HUGE in the SEO space

  • the importance of collecting data

but the interview is well worth reading for all. Thanks again for the interview Dave :)

Shawn Hogan Interviewed

A while ago I said that my ebook could be improved by interviewing a good number of industry experts to help build a more broad / diversified voice.

My goal is to interview about a dozen people who are doing well or I think really know their stuff. Recently via email I interviewed Shawn Hogan from Digital Point. He claims not to be an SEO, but his site gets far more traffic than most SEO related websites.

The biggest things that stood out to me from his interview:

  • he created things that he himself wanted / found useful

  • he threw it out there to collect feedback & added features people wanted
  • he loves to automate as much as possible