Broken Technology

I hate when technology or forms of communication break or are unreliable...yet as I try to do more faster it keeps happening more and more. Maybe it is just operator error. Recently...

I accidentally labeled a ton of emails as spam in Gmail and now real emails are mixed in about 30,000 + spam emails. In spite of clicking undo afterwords Google didn't undo it.

Google's Gmail spam filters must be using me as the test user who filters out all spam for everyone else. Thanks Google.

I haven't responded to a lot of email recently. I hope to catch up before the week is out. Not sure if I will ever dig through all the mislabeled spam though.

Some jerks have comment spammed some of my blogs so bad that I had to block letters of the alphabet on some of them.

Last weekend I threw my back out playing tennis with my new girlfriend. I have only ever played about a dozen times ever and was serving some serves at about 85 miles an hour with a cutting spin on them. I won, but I wasn't able to walk until today, and it still hurts. Who knew I was such a typical alpha male idiot when it comes to sports? :)

I am bad at talking to San Fransisco area realtors...sorta regret even wanting to rent a place instead of just waiting a year to buy one.. I don't understand how some of them have issues with your credit if your credit scores are nearly perfect, you have no debt, and can pay a whole year lease upfront on a one year lease (even if that is like $40,000). I hate moving when I know that I am just going to move again soon.

A friend of mine had a host that didn't support custom .htaccess. I moved her site and her email worked intermittently off the start. The next day it worked all the time.

I added a ReviewMe ad to Threadwatch yesterday, and it only showed up intermittently until randomly it started showing up all the time today (editing Drupal is not my skill).

I am almost done updating SEO Book. Hope to have a new version out today.

What have you broken recently? What has been broken for you? What do you wish was better or easier?

Published: November 29, 2006 by Aaron Wall in aaron matthew wall


November 29, 2006 - 11:09am


Don't let San Francisco agents and landlords get you down. On average it takes up to a month to find a place to rent in SF city. One trick I use to help get a place is adding XXX dollars more a month to the rent to get them to really consider you.

November 29, 2006 - 12:18pm

Check out Treasure Island--I'm living there and it's just 5-10 minutes from downtown. Even in the worst traffic I've ever experienced, it was 15 minutes.

The rent is very cheap. My 4 bedroom apartment with a view of the entire city costs about $2500 per month. Utilities and parking included in the price.

I was going crazy looking at crappy 3 bedroom apartments for $3,400 or more per month until I found TI. You can check out more about it at

November 29, 2006 - 12:20pm

I put my back out practising golf 2 weeks ago so I can sympathise. I would recommend a chiropractor to speed up recovery - you can be like Tim Robbins in Jacobs Ladder, except your haunted by broken technology.

November 29, 2006 - 12:45pm

Having good credit can mean NOTHING in some people's eyes. I don't believe in debt, and that caused issues when I wanted a credit card. Took me over 7 months to convince the bank that the fact I didn't owe anybody anything was a good thing.

November 29, 2006 - 7:55pm

I broke Wordpress by linking the feed to the index page to not appear sitewide (in the footer) and Google hit it. Now if you do a search for a "garden rake" you get an RSS link and average humans don't know what the hell RSS is. ;o(

As for real life things, I break hammers, wrenches, axes when I use them to pry or bend stuff. Need tools with quality handles...

Aaron W. with a tennis racket? LOL!

November 29, 2006 - 10:56pm

My new project got "broken" because I hosted it with the new Mediatemple gridservers... terrible if hosts sell services that are far away from being ready for the market.
I'm back on a dedicated now and it's all good again. I hear you when you talk about moving. I'm moving since 4 years from here to there and can't wait to settle in the coming years.
Keep up the good work!

November 29, 2006 - 11:36pm

Aaron, now that you mentioned that you are finishing the seobook update today, can you please tell us how do we get the new version?

November 29, 2006 - 11:36pm

Hey Aaron,

I hear yah! that post was my call.

All that crap that ought to work simply doesn't... most of the time

* today ThePlanet had a major alert as one of my dedicated servers stopped responding... and they asked - what shall we do... F**King 8 hours later it was myself to press the Reboot button - and they still don't know what happened

* yesterday I got another issue with my mails from hitting the trash box in several client's yahoo's mailboxes... then I found out that Yahoo had implemented DomainKeys which is such a freaking new technology that most mail servers don't support it yet in their current version ... obviously only those high performance servers of spammers can do DomainKeys today ... more on this

as I wrote her, they won't even implement that Yahoo Crap on my server FOR MONEY ... at least they honestly advises against it..

* my sleep is broken - the whole weekend I was still jetlagged from the 2 weeks in the USA - got up at 4am, went to bed at 1 pm to go to sleep at 5am again... crazy

* my sweet russian girl and I sorta broke up because the austrian government has certain laws for foreign students to keep their numerus clausus and pass enough tests... if you don't make up you have to leave the country... which in effect she will have to do in April - if we don't find another solution...

well - the last few days were a bit crazy... but I see other positive things - but that would not be relevant to write here and Google might apply a penalty to seobook for having off-topic content on that page ... hehe


November 30, 2006 - 7:40am

I broke my homegrown web server after getting submitted to digg & on the same day. :) That's the good kind of breakage! Luckily things are back on their feet now but that was a little more than that old server could take.

November 30, 2006 - 10:18pm

When I go away for a trip, I padlock my garage door because I'm super-paranoid about my car. So, after Thanksgiving weekend, I walk out to leave for work and hit the garage door button on my keychain and all goes to hell. I thought the machine is supposed to stop automatically if something like that happens, but it didn't. I stopped it in time so that the garage door didn't split in half, or anything like that. I should be thankful that the thing didn't break off and fall onto my car! Nonetheless, now I have to unlock the padlock, open the door maunually, get in my car and pull out, get out of my car and shut the door manually, lock the padlock... and then do the opposite when I get home. When am I going to have time to replace the garage door opener? Sucks...

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