Where Do I Learn How to Develop a Landing Page?

SEO Question: Aaron, In you opinion, what is the best resource to obtain for learning how to developing landing pages? SEO Answer: An area of limited experience here, but here are my thoughts...

  1. When Jason Lexell releases his landing page guide it will be good. You may want to shoot him an email and say Aaron Wall sent ya...will help motivate him to finish publishing it and I promise it will be good.

  2. I have yet to read them, but I am certain the offerings from WilsonWeb
    and MarketingSherpa are good as well.

  3. Future Now is good stuff for conversion marketing tips. They have a couple great books for sale and offer a free newsletter at Grok dot com.
  4. Usability consultants are good. you can get a custom review at an
    exceptionally affordable rate from Usability Effect.

  5. The Big Red Fez is a decent quick cheap book that may give you a few ideas.
  6. Some marketers selling software and electronic information that push affiliate marketing hard have landing pages that convert well.

    Looking at the top selling Clickbank products will help you find many great sales letters / conversion techniques for different selling products at different price points.

For expensive items it may work best to capture the lead via email before selling too hard and then pound away at them with an auto-responder system.

A couple basic landing page tips:

  • Be sensitive to the audiences needs with the tone of your content.

  • Landing pages that seem like self help pages which fixed problems the writer also had convert well.
  • People like to see pictures of other people near testimonials and the like. If you can get audio testimonials those will likely help out quite a bit.
  • Limiting options by doing things like striping out site navigation can improve conversion rates.
Published: January 3, 2006 by Aaron Wall in Q & A


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