Could You Started From Scratch Today

Do you think you could start from scratch today? was one of the more interesting discussions I listened to at SEO Roadshow.

Mainly people were talking in terms of money, but I think the biggest assets for most people who are doing well in terms of SEO are their friendships and what they have learned, and you can't really unlearn or unfriend (unless you really try hard or have a freak accident).

Google is significantly harder to manipulate today than it was when I started. If I were to start from scratch today I think I would still be able to do well. Google would take a bit longer to manipulate than it used to, but I know so much more about marketing than I did back then. When I first started I was in the negative in terms of cash, and can't imagine that it would take me longer to find a profitable business model today. As a form of payment I also prefer links and friendships to cash, as they don't get taxed.

Sometimes I think about sorta just making this site archived and trying to change how & why I post and do things, but it is so easy to assume that what worked in the past will continue working in the future. I realize that is not true though.

My 3 week old free SEO tools update list already has over 10% the number of subscribers as my nearly 2 year old free newsletter does (and I give stuff away in nearly every newsletter).

Knowing what I paid to create some of the tools, and seeing some of the ad rates around the web, I am willing to bet most SEOs pay more for leads than I paid per subscriber to my free tools update list.

I do not like spending tons on advertising because I think viral marketing works so much better. It kinda feels insulting to think of how little money and effort went into creating some of those tools and how much time they can help save in the SEO process, especially when compared to how unproductively I have spent large portions of time, and now I am over the hill...26 years old. :(

Could you start from scratch today?
What would be the hardest bits?

Published: September 14, 2005 by Aaron Wall in marketing


September 14, 2005 - 8:03pm

>>I am over the hill...26 years old. :(

Hahahahahahaha over the hill at 26, good hell, you ain't even started up that hill yet.

Thanks Aaron I needed a good laugh today. ;-)

Richard Evans Lee
September 14, 2005 - 10:12pm

I started my website years ago to meet people that I wanted to date online. Found that I like writing for it and wrote more and more and more.

Through Adsense and affiliate links on it just fot the heck of it. Maybe I could pay some of my hosting costs.

When I made about $35,000 that year I was shocked. So now I'm curious about SEO. Though mostly I just type and post. Or cut and paste.

I like the money. I'd keep my main site up even if it weren't coming in.

I think where I'm lucky is that I started writing long ago so 1) I have lots of pages. 2) I've been around long enough for Google to see me in its history from the beginning. Not sure how much the latter counts but it isn't something I could repeat if I were starting out today. Besides I'd be worrying about making money.

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