On Feedback & Multiple Meanings of Ideas & Words

Sometimes I mention something that seems exceptionally important to me that has absolutely no importance in the grand scheme of things (most of my important things probably fall into this category). Other times some things have far greater importance to others for other reasons.

I always learn alot when others change my perspective of why things are important or what words mean.

A while back I read one person explaining to another on a forum about something they learned from something I wrote, stating what they thought I was explaining and what I meant.

What they learned was, in my opinion, something exceptionally powerful, although I absolutely was not trying to convey the message they learned & I had not thought of what they were saying in the same way they did (at least until I read what they wrote).

I learned a ton from their interpretation of what I was trying to say :) The cool thing is, their feedback can be used to change how I think, write, & act; and it was available fast & free.

The most valuable thing anyone in any field can have is the attention and feedback of interested people. Sometimes I shoot myself in the foot by how I ask for it, but far more often I shoot myself in the foot by not asking frequently enough or not giving people reasons to want to give me feedback.

I search for my name and words semantically related to me or things I have done about once or twice a month and often find stuff that made me wish I was searching about twice as often.

Recently I asked my friend Mike to make another SEO related tool. When I initially did I thought it would be cool for feature X, but then I realized the tool would double greatly as a Y, which could potentially have much broader use, and appeal to a wider community for different reasons (which could cheaply net me a TON of high quality inbound links).

Before it launches I may ask a few friends for feedback about it's name. When the rough beta is up I will be sure to ask for feedback on this blog about it's functionality & the like.

Philipp Lenssen recently wrote a cool blog post about meeting a tribal linguist who changed his perspective of many simple words.

I snipped a bit of it and referenced it below, but it is well worth reading his whole post.

I don't think that after I met this man, I was ever the same again - not when it comes to certain simple words. Nowadays when I think gratefulness would be appropriate, I think back to our conversation, and how easy it is to just say "thanks." But how hard it is to act instead of talk; to be loyal in what you do, instead of reaffirming with words. How hard it is to change your way of living, to adjust your thinking, instead of saying "I'm sorry." How hard it is to carry someone in your mind instead of saying "hello" and "good bye." How hard it is to stick to someone for the rest of your life instead of uttering the words "I love you." And yet, how much more sincere and good-hearted it might be.

Thanks to all of the people who recently gave me feedback in one way or another.

Published: August 29, 2005 by Aaron Wall in marketing


September 25, 2005 - 6:14pm

I would like to know if you have a place that you can check words for there spellings.

August 29, 2005 - 8:37am

I wish I paid attention to your blog a lot earlier than I did. I'm impressed with the positive vibe that emanates from you. Keep up the great work!

August 30, 2005 - 1:16am

I'd echo Fritz. Keep the positive vibes going.

You sound like a great guy Aaron. Many are grateful for the wealth of knowledge you have shared.

Thank you.

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