Messages that Made Me Laugh

None of the things posted in this post are news really, just all of them made me laugh or say WTF. From the Forums:
the ethical poor lifestyle

In 1998 we first went online after starting a brand new industry in the health field. We immediately became overrun by unethical people with savvy SEO skills. And here I am 7 years later burping and chirping on the curb, barely making payroll. With a Google page rank o 4. I want to get it to 7-8. We are determined to remain ethical (to the grave?).

If after 7 years SEO has not got them where they needed to be (and they even blame being poor on SEOs) you would think they would learn to look elsewhere?

From the Inbox (#1):
Apparently one of the more well known link brokers is sending out automated spam email. I am not going to mention their name, but if I were them I would stop that shit in a hurry before they destroy their brand.


I noticed that you have a really high quality site, [really bad site. domain edited to protect the guilty], and that you are actively looking for link exchange partners.

If you are interested, we would like to pay you $100-$200 to link to a few of our client's quality, relevant sites.

Or, if you just want to simply exchange links, we have links on many
sites that we would be willing to trade.

Thank you for your time,
[large link broker]

From the Inbox (#2):
someone wants to list in Black Hat I thought this email was rather funny.

RE your website:

We have a top doorway program with an affiliate program (if ye be interested)

affiliate program is at

enter DOORWAY and click

Happy to send you a free copy to try

It is for webbie masta's only
it does not use templates and is NOT designed for dummies

It is however a rather powerful and simple program
3 templates, keywords and away you go (min 10 keywords)

more blurb on the website if you are keen

There is NO doorway genie PRO
This is some other crap program someone is trying to pass off as ours

Is it still illegal to shoot assholes ???

I will get back to you with a legality status soon James...

Published: April 4, 2005 by Aaron Wall in aaron matthew wall


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