NLP Trigger Words For Spammy Info Marketing Products Lacking in Value

Anytime any of these words are in the name of an informational product or software tool you can be 99%+ certain it is a scam:

Money Words

  • money
  • cash
  • wealth
  • income
  • unlimited
  • rich

Automated Words

  • automated
  • automatic
  • autopilot
  • magnet
  • easy
  • lazy
  • system
  • blueprint
  • plug and play
  • turnkey

MLM Words

  • network
  • downstream
  • empire

Social Power Words

  • power
  • secrets
  • seduction
  • hypnotic
  • domination
  • success

More Tips

Thumb rules...

  • if your not sure what it does then its not worth buying.
  • the quality of the product is often inversely related to the number of products the vendor has on the market.
  • the quality of the product is often inversely proportional to the number of people who email you about it.

Why write blog posts like this one?

Our tickets often get filled up by people who bought some scammy products from some hyped up marketer (who we have nothing to do with) and beg us for refunds. I figure if I write a few more posts on topics like this maybe I will get a few less of those support requests from people who bought garbage from someone else.

Published: August 4, 2009 by Aaron Wall in marketing


August 4, 2009 - 8:00pm

LOL. People who got ripped off by other companies, ask YOU for a refund?

Are they plain silly or is there a reason why they think you might have something to do with them (such as those companies stealing your content (or..) )?

August 4, 2009 - 11:16pm

Well I suspect what happens is that the scammers do not respond to refund requests. And that the desperate customers they attract are so desperate that they ask others for help.

I have even had some of those customers argue with me on how I sold them software xyz when I don't sell software xyz and even warn people against the shady marketing practices used to sell software xyz.

August 5, 2009 - 12:18am

Im starting to understand why you blog about this kinda topic so much lol. If insane people sent me e-mails every day, I probably couldn't help but mention it, too lol...

Seriously, though I did get your point when you talked about this in the past, but I guess it's difficult for most people (at least for me it was) to fully grasp why you're mentioning it regularly. I would have never imagined that people would be sending you e-mails to claim a refund for a product you don't have anything to do with (that's as crazy as it gets in my book)...I can see how that can be really annoying lol..

August 4, 2009 - 10:34pm

I don't know Aaron... the stereotype is that these internet marketers are scammers, but most of the stuff I've seen from them seems really, really good.

For example, Ed Dale and his 30 Day Challenge (just started this week) is teaching people how to make their first dollar online. Of course he has a membership site he sells after that, but for 30 days, you get pure, free, actionable content. Amazing stuff.

Amish Shah has a CPA course and he supposedly makes $15 million per year. If you get on his auto responder, the free content he gives can make you money... just the free stuff.

Eben Pagan tells you how to make an info product that sells. Again, if you're a newbie (and even if aren't) you can learn a LOT from his free content. I'm on his autoresponder and it's not obnoxious. Yes, he'll send out sales emails and affiliate offers he's promoting, but it's respectful.

This new (to me) guy Perry Belcher says he has 100k social media friends and is selling a course on how you can do the same. Frank Kern is promoting him. He's a bit too frat boy for me, but he did sell out of his course. He had a 1000 person limit and is sold out in a matter of weeks. It made me wonder if you could do the same to sellout your SEObook membership.

The one thing I hate about some internet marketers is the insulting "exclusivity" they conjure up. They make it seem like if you don't buy now you'll miss out for good. If they're selling a DVD course, how hard is it to print up more? I read one internet marketer say the DVD production company had a fire, so he only had a limited amount of products to sell... BUY NOW!

So besides some of these goofy shenanigans, I find most internet marketing products to be helpful. And I judge it based on the quality of the free content they put out. And I'm finding that many of them really do put out good content, even when they do use spammy words.


August 4, 2009 - 11:15pm

For example, Ed Dale and his 30 Day Challenge (just started this week) is teaching people how to make their first dollar online. Of course he has a membership site he sells after that, but for 30 days, you get pure, free, actionable content. Amazing stuff.

Its not entirely free though. For example, he took the liberty to shit on SEO for Firefox to promote a paid tool that was in many ways similar AND inferior to SEO for Firefox.

He created a video review of SEO for Firefox without it configured properly and called it "the old way" and in the review stated "I am sorta hoping that you never have to use this, but if you do, it is there, and it is available."

To shit on free open source tools to promote bloated proprietary paid tools that came out years after the fact with similar feature sets is really about as sleazy as a marketer can get. Especially if he does so claiming he is trying to help people get a free start.

It would be like me trying to fork Wordpress, create a paid version, and then start doing videos about how bad Wordpress is. It is transparent and sleazy marketing.

August 5, 2009 - 2:31pm

I assume you consider yourself the 1% then since your free 7 day training course, on the right column, when not logged in, states: "claim your valuable blueprint for SEO profits" ;)

August 5, 2009 - 3:04pm

Kinda funny that. The big difference with that is it is something that is free and is not a paid product.

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