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If you want to see what search results look like in other countries without having to pay for a VPN, check out the Opera web browser as it comes with a free VPN service baked into the web browser & access points in about a half-dozen different countries including the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Netherlands & Singapore. They also have nice plugins to manage different sets of tabs.

Free Bing Ads & Google AdWords Coupons

Build your SEO strategy on a foundation of real market data using paid search. The following coupons allow you to claim over $100 of free search clicks in 5 minutes.

Amazon Product Ads

If you sell products online you might want to try selling them on or at least running product ads on Amazon. You can use the following coupon to get $75 worth of free ad clicks from

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After installing Firefox, please visit this page using Firefox and you can install the free Firefox extensions here & read our beginner's guide to SEO here.

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In addition to giving you access to our suite of Firefox extensions, logging in will also allow you to access some exclusive tools like our keyword research tool, which offers free data for 1,000 keywords at a time and a quick and handy CSV export option. :)

Spy on Competitors for Free

try SEM Rush for free. Want to know the top keywords your competitors are ranking for? SEM Rush (in-depth review here) lets you look at what keywords competitors are ranking for, estimates how much traffic those keywords sends, and provides estimated click values.

If you have a brand new site then researching the competition early can be a great way to see some great keywords you should target as well.

We worked with SEM Rush to offer our users a free 2-week trial, with no credit card required to sign up.

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If you subscribed to our 7-day autoresponder series, you should have received the first one already as well. If Comcast is your ISP they may block emails from us. If that happens please feel free to complain to Comcast. If you are not getting your emails for some reason you can set up a second account using a different email service. Either way you can still access all the free daily SEO tips online here.

Many people who get our free tools also sign up to get our free 7-days to SEO success series. This originally started out as a 7-part series, and over the years we have added about a dozen bonus tips covering a wide array of related business topics. We sorta started out as SEOs who primarily only knew SEO, but learned a boatload about business and human nature in the process of applying SEO to growing our business & our client's businesses.

Day 9 is the one in the series I am most proud of, but we get a lot of feedback from readers who have different ones as their favorites, which helps inspire us to share more. If you ever miss a day, you can use the navigation in the lower right of the daily tips to catch up (or get ahead). And here is the overview page, which lists the entire series. Hopefully sharing that link didn't kill anticipation. ;)

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