Would You Trust a Business Domain Registered via Proxy?

Someone recently left a comment on my blog promoting a new keyword research tool that is registered via proxy. The competitive analysis keyword research tool has been marketed heavily via comment spam, and currently shows itself as bidding on 0 keywords, per its own competitive measures. The site gives no data about who owns it. Could it appear any less legitimate? How do marketers create market research tools espousing the value of something they are not doing themselves, then market it via blog comment spam? It isn't hard to send an email or buy a review. If their service is worth $90 a month (their current price) their marketing budget should include some money for paid search and public relations. They could at least have a blog comparing seasonal data and data from different companies the way Hitwise does.

The easiest way to show the value of your offering is to eat your own dog food. That is why ReviewMe bought a bunch of its own ads to help the site go viral at launch. There are so many ways to market ad networks or competitive research tools that there is no point creating one if the marketing strategy starts with the likes of blog comment spam and/or cold calling.

Published: July 13, 2007 by Aaron Wall in marketing


July 20, 2007 - 8:08pm

I do this often to protect myself and my family. My wife has a business and I our home address via a proxy to keep oddballs from stalking her. I have a few sites that might anger people so I did the same for them. It's about protection
I do understand your concern though and have considered getting a P.O. box and showing that address. But then again, P.O. boxes are the old school way of hiding a businesses identity.

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