Trusted Branded Sites Adding Interactive Features & Content

Over the past year large brands have been extending their sites out, adding interactive features which leverage their brand value and trust against niche user generated content. Consider the following:

Many of these sites will rank easy with few external citations. As a marketer, the idea of leveraging the brands of MTV or large magazine sites to rank is quite appealing. Given that people are getting better at creating blended spam (ie: spam that doesn't look like spam) and how many authoritative content aggregation and mainstream media sites are allowing anyone to create content I am curious to see where Google's algorithms are headed next. They probably can't have more than a year left of placing so much trust on the core domain names before Google's SERPs start looking like Swiss spam cheese.

Published: November 30, 2006 by Aaron Wall in marketing


Azhar Malik
December 1, 2006 - 6:50am

Aaron, very interesting articles, how does it effect the niche small guys now? in relation to "Designing and Marketing Quality Niche Content Websites" blog from a few days ago.

I never thought I would get addicted to a blog ;-). I actually wait every day to see what your mind is cooking, it fuels my own thinking, in short.


December 1, 2006 - 9:17am

Well I think this even feeds more into considering market timing to dominate a niche and become a brand.

I have another site that is probably going to make 6 figures next year that I am going to quit marketing because I know that invariably without a brand the site will die.

December 1, 2006 - 10:22am

Well, social marketing isn't something to be neglected, so forums and blogs are necessary for any business to survive.

Funny thing, though, is that, if every business has a forum and a blog, what a mess of forums and blogs there will be?

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