Advertising, Value, and Marketing....

When something is free, that's what people expect to pay for the next one.

When overpaying people have to talk to others about what they are doing to justify their course of actions.

Many people need marketing messages pounded into them to act.

Today I noticed this review, stating:

Wall states that while he markets the book as being about SEO, it really is more about conveying everything he knows about the web. And providing the reader with lists of valuable resources so they can do more research on their own.

This book is for anyone with a website, who wants to get out there and get noticed by search engines. And I suspect that is everyone with a website. If you want the world to know about you, you need to know about SEO.

but they also said my ebook is expensive. And yet I am highly tempted to raise the price.

Today I also got this via email

If I buy your ebook will it stop inserting your ebook advertisement when I browse your site?

to which I responded

Unfortunately I don't have user custom accounts set up...the site format is the same for all site visitors :(

If you subscribe to the RSS feed there are no ads in that.

Ads are annoying and I hate them, but the day I moved my SEO Book ad inline my sales tripled. To move it out of the content area could likely be a big risk.

Leaving the RSS feed ad free makes it easy to subscribe to and recommend, but most of my potential clients probably have not heard of RSS or do not use it.

Published: December 23, 2005 by Aaron Wall in marketing


December 24, 2005 - 4:50am

RSS feed with no ads: Do you have a feed with the full text of your articles?

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