How To Make Money From Search Engines

Peter D set up his Squidoo page.

Not sure how set out he will be on updating it, but the guy knows his shit and it is well worth a read and RSS subscription if he is gonna teach only 1% of what he knows.

A few of his opening tips:

Don't Think of Adsense As Advertising, Think Of Adsense As Content - Ads can answer your visitors questions just as easily as your content. So let it. Integrate it. Mix it into your written paragraphs.

Comprehensive Content Does Not Necessarily Equal Great Adsense Revenue - If the visitor is so engrossed in your article, or you answer all their questions, they may be less likely to click on your ads. Don't answer all the visitors questions. Leave them wanting more. The Adsense ads can, and often do, provide that "more". Let them.

I have been well known to almost always screw up on that second tip (writing way too much). More content might bring in more traffic, but if that traffic does not do something you want them to do then what is the point?

I have found that being an altruistic publisher often equates to being a poor one, at least compared to the guy with many lines in the water driving visitors to targeted profitable goals.

Less interesting content per page lets you split your information up and makes the ad click a higher probability action.

Published: December 9, 2005 by Aaron Wall in marketing


May 17, 2007 - 3:12pm


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