The Affiliate List... an Interesting Thread

So a while ago NickW GrayWolf posted a thread about the affiliate list, which is a list of information related to top affiliate marketers.

The post in and of itself is not that interesting, but the conversation below it is. Nick GrayWolf threw something out there that might have been good or might have been bad, and the audience decided. From that thread it appears some of the things surrounding the affiliate list are a bit dodgy. Hate threads always suck (and I have been the featured guest of many of them), but this thread is prettymuch a how to guide on piss poor word of mouth marketing.

Jeff Molander, the creator of the Affiliate List, jumped in the thread to try to defend his product, but berates anyone who does not see eye to eye with his position. Some people on the list want off it and Jeff does not appear keen on letting them off. In escence he is selling contact data about people who stated they do not want to be contacted.

Jeff appears to be forgetting the memory of the web. At one point in time he talks of gaining access to proprietary data

If it remains a mystery as to where I've seen the data (that allows me to pass judgment on retail focused affiliates) after helping found an affiliate network, lead the sales effort at the leading affiliate data services provider and manage dozens of programs as an outsourced services provider to marketers

and soon he acts as though those words were never wrote.

There are many other contridictions in the thread, but the whole point is that if you are angering a large group of people you should know your words are going to be held against you. The best thing to do is either not participate in the thread, or be accepting of some of the feedback it offers.

You rarely are going to get criticised for playing new, naive, or empanthy cards; typing things like "well I guess I never looked at it that way" or "that's a good point" or "yeah, I probably should fix that. thanks for the great feedback". Whenever you lay the "you are all dumb and this is a bogus hate thread" card it is hard to win over supporters. It becomes hard to see your point of view.

Another important issue Lots0 raised in the thread is that if people have a legitimate opportunity for you then you should be able to seek it out. You shouldn't be ready, willing, and excited to work with most of the people who email or call you up with a deal out of the blue.

Affiliates and marketers should usually chose their products rather than letting affiliate program managers try to chose you. If someone has a great opportunity it is only a matter of time until you should run into it if you are truely interested in the topic.

More than any thread I have read in a long time that thread demonstrates how web conversations are different from other conversations, as the people in the thread gain knowledge and better perspective from each additional post. Jeff is trying to invoke Nick into butchering the thread, but I hope Nick sees past Jeff's juvenile attempts.

Published: July 9, 2005 by Aaron Wall in marketing


July 9, 2005 - 7:44am

I thought that ThreadWatch thread was started by GrayWolf?

I agree, it's an astonishing display of ... not sure what!

July 9, 2005 - 7:47am


your right. and I just emailed him about it too. sorta feel like a tool. I edited the post to reflect the right name. Sorry GrayWolf :(

>it's an astonishing display of ... not sure what!

how not to ______________

and you prettymuch can fill whatever in the blank, so long as it is related to good web marketing.

heck, there is even some bad lying / contradictions by Jeff in there (as you pointed out).

July 10, 2005 - 5:12am

No worries. It's amazing how he talks so much yet can't seem to answer any thing definitively.

July 10, 2005 - 6:02am

Dude is as clueless as they come. I would like to short his business.

It's really simple. He could even change his business model even the slightest bit and people could then probably stomach it. Either tell people where you are extracting their information from and let them opt-out or make people buying your product acutely aware that the leads they are buying aren't scrubbed of cold and angry prospects.

If D&B or Choicepoint pulled this crap there'd be some sort of class action.

July 10, 2005 - 12:59pm

A few hours ago I was told privately that my name and info is on that list too.

I didn't know that when I was posting in the thread!

I howled about it on TW but my new thread seems to have been nuked. Sigh ...

Molander claimed that only [one or two, take your pick] people asked to be removed from the list. He forgot to mention that not everyone on the list even knows they're on it.

He used to be an affiliate manager of mine.

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