Corey Rudl Died, Free AdSense Widget

Corey Rudl:
The well known internet marketer died in a car wreck. That sorta makes me feel old, because he was not that much older than I am.

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Celine Dion singing Michael Jackson's "Bad"

Published: June 3, 2005 by Aaron Wall in marketing


A Reader
June 9, 2005 - 10:53pm

"Corey Rudl Died, Free AdSense Widget"

You really think these two titles deserve to be grouped together?

"This blog sucks!, Come get some free cheese"

There, that works well too.

"Correct me if I am wrong, but he also used his wedding as an excuse to market stuff."

Riiiiight, because a wedding and a death are the same thing.

January 11, 2007 - 6:50am

This is pretty low class. Do a search for Corey Rudl and you see this crappy blog with his name alongside an adsense gadget.

Steven M
January 14, 2007 - 7:51am

Proves Google trusts this site enough to rank it. I wonder if Aaron realizes what a great SEO he is. Great work Aaron!

Off to buy his book I go.

June 4, 2005 - 1:25am

What's wrong with you?!

How can you group Corey Rudl's deal in with any kind of a friggin' product.

Pathetic, simply pathetic.

June 4, 2005 - 2:38am

>How can you group Corey Rudl's deal in with any kind of a friggin' product.

Correct me if I am wrong, but he also used his wedding as an excuse to market stuff. Like birth, death is just another part of life.

You will die. So will I. When I die I don't expect people to make memorial pages or sites. I was just pointing something out.

I was sad when Hunter S died. I think I posted a mention of his death in a similar type of post too.

>Pathetic, simply pathetic.

As far as being pathetic goes, whenever you call someone that on their site its helpful to leave contact information. Why no email or URL? What's wrong with you?!

June 4, 2005 - 6:12am

It is sad to read about Corey Rudl's death. I never met him, but as an internet marketing enthusiast I knew him through his website and his newsletter. Sometimes the way internet marketing works, with all the automatic tools at our disposal, is kind of eerie. Yesterday night, hours after his death, I received an autoresponder email from Corey promoting his next seminar in Jacksonville, on June 18th... My condolences to his family. RIP, Corey.

June 4, 2005 - 8:57am

Mourning a death is not the same thing as celebrating a wedding. Kinda sick, IMHO.

June 4, 2005 - 9:24am

>Mourning a death is not the same thing as celebrating a wedding. Kinda sick, IMHO.

right. using someones death to market stuff is sick / sleezy. I just posted about a group of interesting stories. Nothing in that post is for sale. all the associated links in that post are to free resources.

To put it in perspective, do you think Corey would have posted a long memoir of my death on his site? No.

Should I have put one on my site? No. Why? Because it would have been fake. I did not know the guy.

If someone you care about dies please email me with you memorial post requests. If I get enough requests I will create a category for them, or perhaps write

Since you read my blog you probably know me better than I knew Corey. Using your logic I should expect a long glorious non tacky post about my wonderful life and sad death on your home page when I die.

Sorry that I mentioned he died. Sad that you miss him, but I can't bring the guy back.

June 5, 2005 - 2:27am

I don't think it's your problem that you didn't fall all over yourself bawling your eyes out that he died. You didn't know the guy!

It shocked me and affected me because I'm the same age as him. And had gotten an email the day before about some marketing course or something.

But like you I had a less than pleasant experience with his organization. So I'm not bawling. But if people had a good experience with him, owed their livelihood to him, then I'm sure they would be irate at the very small mention of him dying. You can't please everyone.

June 5, 2005 - 6:56am

So, why post anything about him at all? You know people are searching weblogs and searching for info about him...and you knew you'd get traffic.

No one's asking you to bawl, but have some respect.

June 5, 2005 - 9:09am

Worthy of a Comment?

>So, why post anything about him at all?

I thought it was comment worthy. As noted above. You seem to be commenting alot (including a couple comments that were so nasty I did not publish them). You must think it is comment worthy.

How People Really Search:

>You know people are searching weblogs and searching for info about him...and you knew you'd get traffic.

Most people probably don't search specifically for weblogs to find information about Corey Rudl's death.

Ranking Competition:

You are also neglecting the over 10,000 affiliate he has trying to rank for his name. I have not seen his name in my referals yet.

I have Access to Better Channels than this Blog:

I have the ability to publish to some sites that are in Google News. I also could write a press release and submit it into the news system. I did not do those sorts of things.

Targeting Content:

If I was trying to get traffic for his death I would have done exactly what you guys were bitching that I didn't do. Remember you were bitching that I did not give his death its own entire post page.

If I wanted to rank for his death I would dedicate a whole page to the topic, a long one. If I was going to put on a false front for profit it also would have lied about how much the guy changed my life. I would have talked about how he pioneered the 100 page sales letter and is directly responsible for my livelihood.

Keyword Permutations:

If I wanted traffic I would have sprinkle in various keyword terms like June 2, 2005, La Jolla, tragic, tragedy, died, death, car wreck, car crash, 2005 Porsche Carrera GT, California Speedway, speed way, rented track, race track, racing course, crash injuries, over 100 mph, died on impact, wall, helmets, safety belts, passenger side obliterated, so young, 34 years old, famous internet marketer, marketing legend, web marketing pioneer, marketing tips, internet marketing center, Corey Nicholas Rudl, pronounced dead at the scene, racing, passenger, driver, Benjamin Miles Keaton, 39, airlifted, Loma Linda University Hospital, etc etc etc.

If I used a long page I could have scattered in a few misspellings to target even more traffic. Cory, Corry, Rudel, Rudle, etc etc etc.

How to Profit: Sell His Stuff as an Affiliate:

If I was trying to make money off of it I then would have thrown a bunch of compliments like the legend lives on. You can buy still buy his products, which are still the industry standard. ... I highly recommend ... Internet Marketing Center, AssocTrac, Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet, Secrets to Their Success, MailLoop, Corey Rudl's Ultimate Seminar Videos,, etc etc etc.

Pre Qualify Leads:

If you are trying to make money off the death of another the key is to play up their importance and then sell memorabilia or product related to them.

Stay on Topic for Maximum Conversions:

You can't take the grief of the death of one person and easily flip that into sales for a topic that does not DIRECTLY relate to them unless it relates to how they died.

These are just OBVIOUS marketing tips & techniques here. Surely if you read Corey's stuff this should not be any sort of a news flash to you.

Perhaps you are only questioning me because I am too honest and authentic?

If I was a profiteer I would have used affiliate links for his stuff or maybe pointed links at an affiliate program of some company that makes Porsche racing safety / reenforcement parts.

Evaluate Other Channels Closely, You May be Surprised:

I made no attempt to profit from his death. I bet if you look hard enough you will find a few affiliate marketers telling sob stories who DID use affiliate links in their posts. You probably thought nothing of it when they did too.

What is Respect?

Would it be more respectful for me to profit off of his situation. As stated above, I could have done that, but I did not feel it was right.

>have some respect.

I should say the same thing to you for your various offensive comments I decided not to post. People like you are the exact reason why my comments are on pre moderate.

For a bit I felt sorry as though I may have done something wrong, but your other comments (which I did not post) just showed me that you are a twit.

True Motives:

I do not think you are posting because Corey died. I do not think you are posting because I did something wrong. I think you are posting because you want to feel important. I can accept that. Can you?

If you have something useful to say feel free to say it, but taking random stabs at my credibility is not going to have any effect on my thought process.

June 5, 2005 - 10:42pm

Wow, sorry that Aaron that you're having to put up with nasty blog commenters! I had to deal with something similiar last month. It seems that people on the web think they can do and say anything that they would not do face to face. I am not speaking of you as your blog reads as if it would be the same if we were face to face.

I am speaking of others that willfully misunderstand or twist what you write or do in order to beat you with it. Also there's those that don't understand, and when you explain with reason your viewpoint they refuse to understand and continue to berate you.

It is extremely frustrating and can get a bit scary when they beging to make physical threats. That hopefully has not happened in your case.

I wish people would realize that even if they disagree, they still need to respect and try to understand. There is so much fighting in this world with one or both sides completly unwilling to try to understand the other side or stop the fighting. I am saddened and amazed that people know of all the fighting in this world over religious and cultural differences, and yet continue to do the same in their own personal lives. If everyone lived to understand and get along this world would be a much happier place.

June 6, 2005 - 3:56pm

Hi Aaron,
I value your honesty - which is why I read your blog. I don't feel like I am being "Sold" anything.

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