ACCOONA Search Engine Review

ACCOONA gave away a car at the NYC SES show and since then I have seen multiple forum owners complain about them spamming their forums.

Even if they were not the ones doing it, the complete lack of participation in those conversations is a bad thing for their search engine.

Not to mention that the ads are in the left rail and when I clicked an organic search result link in the right rail it went through Overture. At least I had a good laugh when I saw clicking on a link to my other site sent me to this one and cost me 50 cents.

Whether or not you actively participate in communities if you are above radar people will find a way to create hate threads about you. People tend to look much more credible when they show up than when they ignore them.

You gotta wonder if the $30,000 they spent on the car and booth would have been better spent actively participating in their marketplace. Tim Mayer and Matt Cutts do.

Published: March 7, 2005 by Aaron Wall in marketing


A Reader
December 19, 2005 - 3:51am

do a search on accoona, marc armand rousso (the owner/CEO), fraud and the department of justice. Armand was called the "king of pump and dump" by the DOJ and apparently went around spamming sites for some of his earlier ventures. If you start reading some forums you will see previous employees of his former companies who are posting the links to DOJ (department of justice).

August 25, 2005 - 2:43pm

It's good to see competitors in the search Engine market, we should encourage Accoona, Good Luck Accoona !

July 10, 2005 - 6:59am

You'd think after Bill Clinton helped promote them, they would be given a good enough start too not have to spam. It is easy enough for anyone to spam a reputable business to make them look bad...

March 7, 2005 - 3:18pm

They did me, i blocked the account and emailed them telling them that if they wanted to fucking advertise they should call me muhahahah....

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