Traffic Power Donations

Thanks to the 66 people who donated money and the thousands of people who helped spread the word to help me pay the surreal legal costs associated with the bogus lawsuit Traffic Power sent me.

I tried contacting all the donors. Some of them asked not to be listed. Others said it was ok to mention them. If I did not list you please shoot me an email and I will try to list you ASAP. Here is a list of people who said it was ok to list them.

  1. Andrew Heenan
  2. Andy Beal
  3. Avi Wilensky
  4. Bob Mutch
  5. Bill Slawski
  6. Brian Turner
  7. Cary MillerĀ 
  8. Chris Bradley
  9. Chris Garrett
  10. Chris Nielsen
  11. Darren Dalasta
  12. DaveAtIFG
  13. Debra Mastaler
  14. Dominic Mapstone
  15. George Kepnick
  16. Glenn Cooke
  17. Ian Barber
  18. Jason Bailey
  19. Jim Boykin
  20. jk3210
  21. John Colascione
  22. John Kirker
  23. Ken McGaffin
  24. Mario Sanchez
  25. Martin Preece
  26. Matt Johnson
  27. Michael Gray
  28. Mike Nott
  29. Nandini Maheshwari
  30. Neil Street
  31. NickW
  32. NFFC
  33. Philipp Lenssen
  34. Rochelle McCollom
  35. Roger Wehbe
  36. Ruben Colomer
  37. Sitesnoop Directory
  38. Todd Malicoat

After Traffic Power sued me I started caring a bit more about money (if for nothing else, then to at least preserve my right to not let it be my master). I started working harder at monetizing some of my ideas. With the help of everyone who donated and increasing income I ended up being able to pay off my legal bills and had money to spare to pay the legal bills for While my case ended long ago's just recently ended.

All total I think the Traffic Power case probably cost around $35,000 to $40,000, but it was definitely worth it because it got such broad exposure and made an example out of a shameful company that was trying to silence free speech, and will hopefully help protect many other bloggers from having to deal with a similar experience.

Thanks again to everyone who provided monetary donations or mentioned the case on their website. You rock!