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As a member, you have unlimited access to the highest quality SEO training videos available anywhere. Our growing collection of videos teach you everything you need to know to do SEO at the professional level and improve the monetization of your websites. Plus, as a member, you can take advantage of our feedback forums to suggest topics you want covered.

Save Thousands of Dollars

There are dozens of SEO conferences each year, but they typically require speakers to condense large complex topics into a 15 minute speech that may leave you with more questions than you had before they spoke. And with half hour Q&A sessions after the speech you may not be able to get your questions answered.

I have routinely been rated as a top conference speaker, but there are so many people at conferences that it is hard to get your specific issues addressed.

"Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know I appreciate all you do. I saw you at Pubcon and you were by far my favorite presenter. In a business with many folks who are of 'widely varying' capabilities, you are the real deal" - Bill Sterzenbach

If you have questions after watching one of our online videos you ask in our forums, and get your questions answered the same day.

Learn What You Need to Learn, When You Have Time!

Some of our videos are short and specifically focused on completing niche tasks. Other videos tend to be big picture oriented, helping you weave your SEO strategy (and your website) into the fabric of the web. Unlike a traditional conference which requires you to lose a week of work, our training videos are availabe day or night when you are ready to watch them.

Here is an example 10 minute and 46 second video from our growing archive, covering how the web is a social medium, and the most effective SEO techniques are social in nature.

Gain Access to the SEO Training Recommended by some of the highest traffic websites - like WhitePages.com & PBS

"When WhitePages was prepping for a dual roll-out of our new redesign we came across an SEO-related issue we had not experienced before. I had no question who I wanted to go to for suggestions on how to approach it. SEOBook had seen similar situations. They gave us the options, their recommendation, and risks associated with each. I’m extremely comfortable saying that whether you’re new to SEO or a seasoned internet marketer, having Aaron and his team as an extension of yours will end up being a key differentiator for your company." - Darren Dalasta, Sr. Marketing Manager, WhitePages Inc.

"PBS used SEOBook for a series of search engine optimizations trainings, and we would highly recommend Aaron Wall and his team for other organizations looking for help in this all-important and ever-changing area of expertise." - Kevin Dando, Director of Education and Online Communications, PBS


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