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"I've only been learning SEO for the past 3 months. And I've never gotten so much value out of the measly bucks I spent. I am now ranked top 10 for 3 of my most competitive, high volume, money keywords in a very competitive niche. The other leading SEO company I'm also a member of PALES in comparison to the value I've received from your site, in fact I'm considering un-subscring from them soon." - Dr. Rhen Kellogs

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Yes, there are many SEO forums however many of them are riddled with wrong or inaccurate information. And many top SEO professionals no longer spend time on forums. That is not the case with the SEO book community forum. The caliber and quantity of top seo experts who are ready to answer any question sets the forum apart. Let alone the personal effort Aaron invests ensuring that no question goes unanswered. - Khalid Saleh

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"It's great to be an SEOBook member again...bouncing around the forums this morning and at virtually every stop, I find something of value. you've built an amazing community" - Paul

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I'm a long time reader of Aaron's blog, but I held out before joining the community. After being a member for only a couple hours I've realized that was a huge mistake. I think I've learned enough so far to justify a year's worth of membership fees. - John Wesley

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"I am new to SEOBook but have already gained so much value from the site. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the ability to bounce ideas off of leading experts such as Aaron and others and receive answers as fast as I have. Thank you very much. I can see that SEO Book will be vital to my business." - Marc Flood


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