Born as a baby in England many moons ago. I was actually (honest) born in a castle which is now a home for rich, retired folks near Torquay in the English Riviera.

I have several degrees which have been totally useless to me- the only one I really felt worth gaining was Graphic Design back when cut and paste meant just that...

I've always been one of lifes wild cards and never quite played by the rules... Are there rules???

Self employed since 1974 when I started out as a pioneer of the Funk DJ scene - yep a DJ I was for many years. I retired in 87 due to being totally effed and boozing/partying way too much in Norway.

On retirement I leased a pub in Bath, England where I met my dear wife who was a tourist and just happened to walk into my pub at G+T time......

Moved to the US in 95 and lived in downtown San Francisco where the temptation to start a way cool wedding DJ business got too much and off I went again - I had certain standards and if there was a hint of YMCA and the like I couldn't DJ the party!

I built a very rudimentary website in 96 and by 97 was getting booked like crazy for WAY COOL weddings in Berkeley, CA. This piqued my interest and I wondered how I was hitting my target market bang on and getting all these cool Bride's and Groom's - Alta Vista :)

Long story short I quickly got into SEO or whatever it was at the time and turned it into a small solo op which I am still happily practicing now - here in the Huntersville NC area of Charlotte.

It's been a trip and such a delight to be part of something new and exciting since the beginning.

I enjoy reading certain blogs - Aaron's being one of them :)

Thanks for stopping by!



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