Further Reading

LSI Journal Articles

The following are journal articles relevant to the material covered in this overview. We welcome suggestions for expanding this list

  1. Dumais, S. T., Landauer, T. K. and Littman, M. L. (1996) "Automatic cross-linguistic information retrieval using Latent Semantic Indexing." In SIGIR'96 - Workshop on Cross-Linguistic Information Retrieval, pp. 16-23, August 1996.
    Available online
  2. Foltz, P. W., Kintsch, W., and Landauer, T. K. (1998). The Measurement of Textual Coherence with Latent Semantic Analysis. Discourse Processes, 25, 285-307.
    Available online
  3. Foltz, P. W. (1990) "Using Latent Semantic Indexing for Information Filtering". In R. B. Allen (Ed.) Proceedings of the Conference on Office Information Systems, Cambridge, MA, 40-47.
    Available online
  4. Landauer, T. K., Foltz, P. W., and Laham, D. (1998). Introduction to Latent Semantic Analysis. Discourse Processes, 25, 259-284.
    Available online
  5. Landauer, T. K. and Dumais, S. T. (1977) - html only, "Solution to Plato's Problem: The Latent Semantic Analysis Theory of Acquisition, Induction and Representation of Knowledge." Psychological Review, 1997, 104 (2), 211-240.
    Available online

  6. Person, N. K., Graesser, A. C., Bautista, L., Mathews, E. C., & the Tutoring Research Group (2001). Evaluating Student Learning Gains in Two Versions of AutoTutor. In J. D. Moore, C. L. Redfield, & W. L. Johnson (Eds.) Artificial intelligence in education: AI-ED in the wired and wireless future (pp. 286-293). Amsterdam, IOS Press.
    Available online
  7. Rehder, B., Schreiner, M. E., Wolfe, M. B., Laham, D., Landauer, T. K., & Kintsch, W. (1998). Using Latent Semantic Analysis to assess knowledge: Some technical considerations. Discourse Processes, 25, 337-354.
  8. Robinson, C.S. & Burgess, C. Vocabulary Performance of HAL and LSA Using a Standardized Performance Measure. Society for Computers in Psychology, November 15, 2001.
    Available online

LSI Websites

Links to websites with comprehensive bibliographies on LSI and related techniques

  1. Latent Semantic Indexing Website (University of Tennessee). Includes links to sites by Michael Berry and Susan Dumais, both of whom have done extensive work in LSI.
  2. Telcordia Technologies LSI links page. Comprehensive list of articles. Telcordia holds a patent in LSI.
  3. Knowledge Analysis Technologies. Company that makes an LSI product for automated essay assessment.
  4. AuthorTutor. Papers related to AuthorTutor.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. 2002 National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education. For more info, contact the author.

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