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Do I need to be a technological wizard or marketing guru?

Search engines follow people. If you create a site that people care about, eventually search engines will care too. An aggressive SEO strategy simply speeds up your growth curve, helping you rank better faster, draw more traffic to your site, and create larger profits.

Most effective SEO techniques stem from traditional marketing. Most of the best marketing ideas come from people who are passionate about their topic but only stumbled into marketing (just as I stumbled into the field of SEO 9 years ago).

How much time will this program take?

Since our content is self-paced, it's up to you. If you like using the community forums, you can interact all you like. If you simply need to learn a couple specific topics you can find the relevant modules and study them at your leisure.

Why should I trust you?

Out of the tens of thousands of people selling SEO information, I am one of the few who actually rank on Google's first page of search results for SEO. In addition, over 10,000 happy customers purchased my SEO Book, and I have been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal (listen here), Marketing News, Forbes, PBS, The London Times, and many other mainstream media sources.

Amongst the sea of noise and misinformation that is the SEO industry, this is the site offering cutting edge news and analysis that is so important that large brands rely on it to maintain their marketshare.

In addition to running this site, I also own many other profitable sites, earning many thousands per month from each of these business models

  • direct ad sales
  • AdSense
  • affiliate marketing

What if I Have a Retail Website?

Many of our SEO Community members have retail websites. We have a good amount of experience with retail, marketplace, and listing oriented websites.

  • my wife ran a retail site for a couple years, and we got her so much business that she simply could not keep up with all the inqueries
  • I also have an ongoing relationship with a highly profitable retail oriented client for 4+ years now - where we grew his business 1,500%
  • I have done SEO consulting for some of the largest online brands and websites across the globe (if I listed them you would know many of those brands)

Does SEO work on enterprise level sites? In competitive verticals?

Our customers have achieved amazing results...

“Aaron gave us specific advice around our SEO strategy including action points that we could implement immediately resulting in a direct improvement to our bottom line. Failing to get Larry Page or Sergy Brin to give us advice, surely Aaron has to be the next best option to get SEO advice from.” - Andy Higgins, MD of (South Africa’s Largest Online Marketplace)



"I have an extensive background doing SEO in some competitive industries. I did SEO consulting for PokerStars for 18 months, and there aren't too many industries which are as competitive as the online poker industry.

When I look for SEO advice, I go to Aaron Wall first. I don't always contact him directly; in fact, most of the time I can find the answers I need using his tutorials in the member section of the site (the "training modules") or by tapping into the collective wisdom of the community forums that are available to private members of his website. And as far as his community goes, I've never seen anyone put more effort into being a host than Aaron does. He demonstrates a dedication to making his SEO community the premier learning place for SEO's that's more than admirable; it's hard-to-believe. The energy and commitment that he demonstrates daily in the forums answering questions is impressive.

I could point to a lot of measurable improvements in my business, but I'll relate one example that I think best demonstrates what's available to members of his site. I recently decided to ramp up my efforts to make money using Google Adsense. Using the advice in Aaron's Adsense section, I quadrupled my site's earnings through the program. I now use Aaron's strategy and advice on all my Adsense sites.

Aaron Wall delivers far more value than I've paid for. I'd gladly pay at least triple what he charges for the information and advice he provides." - Randy Ray

Do you have any free samples?

Yes. You can try before you buy by reading some the following modules...

How much will marketing my website cost?

This is entirely dependent on where your site currently is, where the competition currently is, and how aggressive their SEO strategy is. Billion dollar markets take a lot of work to own. Smaller markets can be won for as little as a few hundred dollars.

If you are creative and create great content that people value and enjoy that helps cut your marketing costs drastically.

Is this program a good value?

In the past I sold a top selling SEO ebook which came with limited customer support. In spite of that limited support, the book garnered rave reviews from the likes of Seth Godin.

“Everyone should read your book. I did. I'm glad I did.”

Seth Godin
New York Times Best Selling Author

  • When you join our training program, you get that best selling ebook for free.
  • Our current training program is a much more substantial offering.
  • In addition, when you join you get access to our community, which I participate in every day.

"Everyone knows I love to razzz the black magic snake oil SEO industry but honestly out of the very small handful of guys that give a lot of value Aaron is at the top.

I HIGHLY recommend you check out his SEO training program." - Jeremy Shoemaker

How long will it take to see results?

Some search engines tend to trust older sites more. If your site is already established but has some major errors holding it back, then fixing those could cause a sharp increase in rankings and traffic in days or weeks. If you have a brand new site in a competitive market, it can take 6 months to a year to see great ROI from your SEO investment.

How many members does the forum have?

I offered a couple hundred of my best customers from my past products a trial period to evaluate the quality of the offering, give feedback on the program, and help get the forums active. Currently there are over 650 members in the forum. We plan on capping out the forum at 1,000 active members to ensure I have enough time to answer everyone's questions, and keep adding more valuable content to the training program based on community member feedback.

How do I cancel my SEO Book membership?

For your security and convenience all payments are handled by PayPal. You do not need to contact us to cancel your membership. Simply log in to your PayPal account and cancel your subscription.

Your subscription is also pro-rated, so if you cancel, just email us your join date and cancellation date and we will give you a partial refund for any portion of your subscription you have not used.

Some programs try to get your credit card and then just keep charging and charging and re-charging. Sorta sleazy in my opinion, and I only want you to stay a member and keep charging you if you are getting value out of our site. Some internet marketers set the bar so low that people expect to get scammed. But that is not our style.

" has been a huge help for me as a consultant in the SEO business. I know from spending time on Aaron's site and reading his blog everyday that he is very generous with his knowledge. I signed up for a subscription a couple of months ago and got more information then I could possibly absorb so I decided to cannel my subscription for a couple of months so I could catch up. Today (3/28/09) I noticed the subscription fee was transacted before I had a chance to cancel this I emailed Aaron and asked if he could refund that payment because I needed to cancel for a couple of months. I fully expected to get a canned reply and never expected to be refunded. Aaron replied to my email within 25 minutes and had refunded the entire amount and cancelled the subscription for me.

This is just another example of what a stand up guy Aaron is...I will be back for more great SEO information in a couple of months!" - thanks, Jim Mueller

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