2006 Webmaster World Boston Conference Pictures

The 2006 Boston Pubcon was great. It was rather small (with about 900 in attendance) but being rather small made it easy to connect with other people. You could go talk to Matt Cutts for like 10 to 20 minutes without having swarms and swarms of people surrounding you.

Here are some pictures

Greg and Brian from BOTW

Greg and Brian from BOTW.


Chris Raimondi with Jim Boykin in the background. Jim was dropping mad raps, yo.

Chris Raimondi.


David Dellanave

David Dellanave


Ekky and Anita Chaperon (behind the hat)

Ekky & PPC Queen.


Emilio, guilty as charged



Jim Boykin, of WeBuildPages, celebrates his 27th birthday.

Jim Boykin.


Andy "Hater" Hagans - notice how he is leaning forward to give the picture a slimming effect. Cheater ;)

Andy Hagans.


Glenn, also known as Wheel. I think he is mocking someone...I just can't remember who.

Glenn Cooke


Jay Young aka Str0ud, smiles as he attends to the baeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer. Mike Nott (Maku) looks on in disbelief.

Jay Young and Mike Nott.


Such a shitty fuzzy pic by me here. Jeremy Zawodny, Matt Cutts, and Robert Scoble on panel. Brett Tabke to right.

Jeremy Zawodny, Matt Cutts, Robert Scoble, & Brett Tabke.


Lynn Terry, Jim Boykin, & Rae Hoffman.


Jim Boykin and Shoemoney

Jim Boykin and Shoemoney.


Joe Morin saying "come here"

Joe Morin.


Lee Odden and Bill Hartzer

Lee Odden & Bill Hartzer.


Roger Montti aka Martinibuster. In the background Shri.



Matt Cutts trying to hit me (Aaron Wall).

Matt Cutts & Aaron Wall.


Patrick Gavin in maroon sweatshirt, hanging in a sports bar with some of his Boston friends.

Patrick Gavin.


Roadie for Text Link Ads, he goes by the name

Steve Spiegla

Steve Spiegla.


Rule #1: all good hotels have a rubber ducky.

Although this one does look a bit crazy, doesn't it?

Rubber Ducky.


I bogusly forgot your name...was fun chatting though.


I bogusly forgot your name...was fun chatting though.


Shimrit Elisar, who beat me in a game of air hockey. :(

But, then again, air hockey is one of the funnest games ever :)



Jeremy Shoemaker aka Shoemoney

Jeremy Shoemaker.


Todd Malicoat aka Stuntdubl and Lee Odden

Todd Malicoat and Lee Odden.


Thomas Bindl

Thomas Bindl.


Tony Spencer aka NotSleepy. Happy birthday Tony

Tony Spencer.


A couple other people I met but are not pictured above are Dan Kramer, Lawrence, William Rock, Joe Duck, Greg, Bill, Jim Kukral, and so many other people that my cloudy memory can not name everyone. Thanks for the fun time everyone.

Opps... I almost forgot my buddy Dave Conklin... he lives just up the road from me, and runs a Pennsylvania internet marketing company. Sorry about that Dave!

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