I have been a Human Resources Generalist for the last 20 years.

I have worked as a Human Resources Generalist in two of the largest cooperatives in the Philippines, both of which are located in my home province of Batangas.

I have also worked as Administrative Manager for a manufacturing company and had been a private consultant in the Human Resources and Administrative Management.

I was a member of the Board of Directors of Batangas II Electric Cooperative, Inc. (BATELEC II).

Presently, my colleagues and I are embroiled in a politically motivated legal struggle which has tarnished my offline and online name and reputation, through malicious and biased half truth press releases made by persons with vested self interest and self preservation motives.

I am presently working as an online writer at Helium and as an online Job Agent.

Writing serves as an outlet for the thoughts and ideas that crowd my overpopulated brain, and I am still trying to figure out how to go about it, especially in the complicated world of the internet. The mechanics of page ranking, links, leads, etc. are driving me into a whirlpool of technicalities and some incomprehensible jargons that slows down learning. It is totally different from writing policies, rules and regulations and of course, not the same as writing the minutes of a board meeting.

Being an online Job Agent is also a challenge. Online recruitment is a totally different task from offline recruitment. And formerly being the boss and giving orders to others to perform menial tasks, is different from doing things by yourself . There are adjustments to be made and many things to be learned. The virtual world of the internet is a new world of learning and experience.

I am working towards a full time career in online recruitment and writing. It takes time to learn the ropes in along these lines, but I am not in a hurry… I can get there in my own pace.

As I move forward into the Golden Age of my life, I discover so many things about myself as I evolve into a more mature and a more self confident person. I have strengthened some of my former weaknesses and have built on my strengths to brighten up my outlook as I grow older. The wisdom gained in the last fifty three years of my life gives me courage to face whatever comes with the Golden era and my spirituality and relationship with my God has improved a lot and gives me guidance and assurance as I eagerly step into the future.


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