As a beginning SEO Analyst, I'm constantly interested in networking and learning as much as possible about this constantly growing field. It's exciting every day knowing there are thousands of other people just like me trying to build off of ideas and trends to understand internet usage and consumption. In a field where anyone with a computer and a creative idea can make an impact, its safe to say the many different avenues spur from a variety of disciplines. In one day, it's not uncommon to wear the hats of a creative writer, graphic designer, public speaker, spokesmen for a website, navigation and UI consultant, support, behavioral and consumer psychologist, customer service rep, sales rep, research marketer, data analyst, and many, many more.

SEO/SEM jobs seem to be a solution for someone having trouble picking one of their many interests. Not a bad problem to have, but as I learn more everyday, being drawn to many areas and industries only makes the job more rewarding in the end. So please, I invite you to chat, contribute, post, comment, twitter, and chatter about anything that possibly interests you. Because if it interests you, there are thousands of people out there who will find the same.


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