I was born in Yorkshire, England. Over the years I've lived in various places in England and Wales. I'm now living in the Haldon Hills just outside Exeter, not far from the wilds of Dartmoor and the beaches (and Atlantic swell!) of North Devon.

I started programming computers in the late 1960s, when I was still at school. In those days there were no computers in schools, so we had to build our own. The main components were a large pile of Post Office surplus relays, and lots of wire. Programs were entered via a set of switches on the front panel. It took about an hour to persuade it to add 2 and 2, but it was extremely satisfying when it eventually produced the correct answer!

After school I was at the University of Southampton for 11 years, finishing up as a Research Fellow.

Since then I have run my own business. Looking back I now realise that I have never had a day job.


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