I started on Internet in 1998, at the time I knew I wanted to do something different, something new.
My Brother was starting a cd mastering company and got me interested in what he was doing. I guess this is what gave me the idea of going toward this direction.
I did a short training in multimedia during 6 months which gave me the chance to start learning what websites were all about.

Flash 4 and Adobe photoshop 5 were my tools, Dreamweaver also gave me a quick hand, but I changed to text editor coding so I could see exactly what i was doing. Left Nantes, my hometown, and headed to Paris where i knew things would be a bit ahead compare with rest of France.
From 1999 until now I worked on many web agencies : Babel, Machination, Business Lab, Business intercatif as an html coder www.integrateurhtml.com

Today I work for a travel company for which I have created the whole website as 100 % readable for all search engines.
On the market, not a single travel website will offer such a transparency to search engines, accesible and sustainable.
It will give a solid advance to perform a great presence on the web tomorrow.

I'm really surprised by how the work of SEO is still badly known here in France, I think I have a well grounded approach of what a website is made of and it gives me a good sense of what a search optimization manager should be.

I'm located downtown Paris and I'm looking forward new job opportunities.
Learn more about me at the following address : www.seomanager.fr


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