I like to think of myself as an online entrepreneur, although I still have a job as an Incident/Computer Analyst. I still love to spend time online and create, develop and direct website projects. I am no programmer or developer, but I have a keen eye for design, website elements, functionality and market trends of where the internet might be heading for the next 5-10 years.

I have been surfing he internet since 1994, and like most of us online marketers/entrepreneurs, either missed the boat back then or was just in "awe" about this mammoth giant the "Internet" and did not know then what it would be today. If only I can do and know then what I do and know now.

I Founded September 2005, with another partner. Launched in 2006 and just recently May 2008 v2.0 has been launched (site is based on Yahoo API). This site was my stepping stone to the online e-commerce world and my SEO awakening. I learned on my own how to list, construct the data, and develop this site with SEO in mind to my best ability. As I still consider myself intermmediate with SEO techniques I have managed to list this site high in SE with specific keywords, as well in ALEXA. Visit or and type in (best price, price comparison, price comparison engine or armani watches) these are just a few, and our listings will vary either on page 1 or 2.

Recently I have started a new project ( and hope to get that site flooded with some traffic. The site's purpose is to organize local data of business listings, and allow users to rate businesses. I hope in the next year or less, I can add and deliver this site, in a social network platform. Think of Linkedin, but with the added value of business ratings, and users talking and interacting about local businesses.


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