What the heck is Advice Network anyway?

Some of the things we in life do are easy. If you need to ship a package, you’ve got a few choices, but it doesn’t take that long to navigate the differences and pick an option. You probably don’t need advice.

There are other things in life that are much more complicated. Some things will be tough every time, like advertising your business in the most cost effective way, and some things are challenging just because you don’t do them as much. Buying a house for example, or planning a wedding. How are you supposed to do well something you only do one, or once every few decades?

“What do you mean, “complicated?”

Considering the house buyers again; They need to pick a real estate agent, to learn about the quirks of house hunting in their area, inspections, offers, contracts, mortgages.

Sure, they ask dad for advice, but he hasn’t bought a house in 40 years. There are lots of new ways to do mortgages that he never heard of. Friends may know more, but do they know enough?

“I see the problem, what’s the solution?”

That is what Advice Network is for. Experts and professionals and vendors and motivated individuals can share their advice, their experiences, suggestions and expertise. We get to read what they have said, comment, and we can vote too, adding our intelligence to the process. If something helps you, it will probably help your neighbor, and if you think an article is off base, we want to know that too.

Is that all there is to it?

Now we get into the real synergy. If you are planning a wedding, or buying a house, or starting a business, you need good advice. But you also need professionals. Vendors who can provide the services you need to fulfill your task.

Anyone can write a good article of advice, but who know these areas best? Who keeps up with the changes, sees the common problems, and thinks about these things every day? It’s the professionals again.

So we need their advice to make the best decisions, but what do they need? They need you! They need your business.

And there is the beauty of Advice Network. If you need the advice, you probably need the professionals, and if you provide the advice, you might just want the clients.


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