Thanks to those of you who have been my beta readers for SEO book. I appreciate your feedback. To those still interested in the SEO book it will go on sale February 1.


"Your ebook - I am floored. It is awesome. I had no idea 1. you are such an incredible writer, 2 .you organize the topics in concise clear way for even the most uninitiated web design person, (like me). In my opinion it would make an awesome book, and make YOU quite famous in the web circle."

"Thanks Aaron. I always learn so much from you and your website."

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a pleasure to read! You suggested that it might be boring...Hell, NO! Terrific."

"Thank you for putting all your hard earned knowledge together for the rest of us. I really appreciate it and shall use it as my reference manual from now on."

"Excellent! You've done some homework. A ton of good info and it was refreshing to see that your info relates to the entire search engine industry and is not heavily weighted toward Google. Everyone should take a look at this. Newbies should definitely look at this. I'll revisit this several times I'm sure."

"Just reading two pages has made it worth sending the donation. I can see that I've got a lot of reading to do....Thanks for indulging me!"

My book is now launched! Information on the SEO Book.

If you are a charity feel free to contact me for your free copy.